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The surrounding countryside


Dresden is even more attractive when you take a look at the remarkable scenery all around. Think castles. There are plenty in Dresden itself as well as in the immediate vicinity. Spectacular examples are the baroque castle of Moritzburg, the Albrechtsburg in Meissen or Schloss Weesenstein.

The Sächsische Schweiz ('Saxon Switzerland') National Park exerts an irresistible charm on thousands of nature lovers, climbers and walkers all year round.

As a wheelchair or handbike user, you'll find some useful tips for exploring the National Park here:
What about going to the Saxon Switzerland by an Elbe steamer? The Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt is the oldest steam navigation company of its kind in the world.



Without doubt, the city's liveliest quarter is “Neustadt”. Don't be misled by the Neustadt ('New Town') designation: we're not talking here about monolithic ranks of grey concrete apartment blocks – on the contrary, the typical architectural style here is 'Gründerzeit' (later 19th century) which lends the urban skyline a certain elegance. The creative 'alternative' lifestyle and the vibrant entertainment and cultural scene (approx 100 bars, pubs, restaurants etc) attract musicians, artists and young talents from all over the world. The jollities reach a climax in mid June with the annual Bunte Republik Neustadt festival that sees 150,000 revellers thronging the streets and being entertained by countless bands and performers. Later in end of August, the street festival "Hechtfest" takes part in our local district.  

We provide a map of Neustadt, when you arrive!

Old town:


Dresden is a city full of happy people. That's not surprising because few other places offer quite the same blend of culture, joie de vivre and natural beauty.

Unique cultural treasures, world-famous heritage sites such as the Semper Opera, the Zwinger Palace, the Frauenkirche and the Green Vault as well as a lively bustling urban scene and the Elbe with its beautiful embankments and vineyards - these are just a few of the features that bring a smile to the face of Dresden's inhabitants. The dynamism of the city is palpable, something you'll notice as soon as you arrive.

A city plan of the old town is given by us at your arrival.