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Altes Waschhaus


Julia & Stefan Weiland

Dammweg 24   .   01097 Dresden

Office Phone:  +49 (0) 351-804 87 31

​​Mobile:             +49 (0) 1590-450 79 43


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The house was built in several construction phases in or around 1860.
Together with the adjacent building it served as an animal rescue centre from around 1900 until the 1950s.
Then it became the washhouse for our district.
Finally it was used as the office and storehouse of a construction company.
The cellar was filled with rubble in 1994 and the yard was completely concreted.


The renovation work between 2005 and 2006 demanded the total gutting of the structure.

The Steam from the laundry had caused substantial damage to the material of the building. We renovated the house according to the newest ecological construction methods and sustainable energy technology:

- the latest insulation standards
- 20m² solar panels to power the         radiators and the underfloor             heating system
- rainwater collection for garden          watering
- roof greening

- own beehives on the roof

The yard surface was opened up again, the cellar made usable and a small garden laid out. The historical sandstone window surrounds have been restored. We're going to let ivy and other climbing plants establish themselves on the facade once again.
Clay rendering on the interior walls provide a comfortable climate. 
Additionally we used lots of wood and subtle colours.
We're sure you're going to feel at home here.

Altes Waschhaus - Zustand beim Kauf
Apartment Waschküche - Sanierung
Außenbereich - Wiederverwendung des historischen Ziegelpflasters
Einbau der Regenwasser - Rigolen
20 m² Solarkollektoren auf dem Dach